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Manning Valley U3A Inc. Fees

  • Unlike many U3As, Manning Valley U3A Inc. operates on a ‘user pays’ basis. This complicates the enrolment process a little, but we believe it is the most equitable arrangement for our members.
  • Before attending any class or activity each person must enrol as a member of Manning Valley U3A Inc. by completion of an application for membership/enrolment form and payment of the annual membership fee (currently $15 payable once per year and non-refundable).  These fees go towards the cost of membership badges, insurance, administration and other operating expenses.
  • In addition to the annual membership fee, each class and activity has a course fee that must be paid at the start of each term. The fee is intended to cover the costs of providing the venue, refreshments, transportation, printed material etc, depending on the requirements of each class/activity.  Our enrolment form includes a list of the courses being offered and their associated fees. In general refunds of course fees will not be given unless there are exceptional circumstances. Please see the Refund Policy in the Governance – Policies section of this website.

How to Join and/or Enrol

  • Before the start of each term, an enrolment morning is conducted at Manning Uniting Church, Albert Street, Taree so that people can enrol in person for the term’s classes/activities and initiate or renew their membership, if due. Personal enrolment is the preferred method because the process is designed to minimise the risk of error or misunderstanding about what classes/activities have been chosen. Receipts are given to record your payment and confirm the details. Refreshments are provided and it is one of our few opportunities for social interaction outside of class.
  • For those people who cannot attend the enrolment day in person, provision is made for enrolment to be done via Australia Post or by depositing in our locked letter box adjacent to the auditorium in Manning Uniting Church. You may also ask another member to complete your enrolment with form and payment provided.
  • Enrolment forms can be downloaded for printing from the Internet or obtained from a supply kept next to our letterbox adjacent to the auditorium in the Manning Uniting Church.  For those who elect to have a printed Newsletter posted to them, an enrolment form is included with the Newsletter. They are also made available on enrolment day.
  • Complete the enrolment form clearly and carefully to indicate all of your chosen classes /activities, the annual fee if it is due and the total amount payable.
  • Place the completed enrolment form with your payment in an envelope and post to: Membership Officer, Manning Valley U3A Inc. PO Box 436 Taree NSW 2430 or you can deposit into our locked letter box in Manning Uniting Church.

It is requested that members enrol in the time period designated in the newsletter and on our annual calendar/planner. Late enrolments will not be accepted unless you have made a specific request to do so. This assists with the compilation of attendance rolls, helps class leaders/presenters plan their classes and to fulfil insurance requirements.

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